Early Morning Dew (November 15, 2014)

I left my office later than usual last night. The setting sun did not even bid me farewell. Bright lights from approaching cars kept me agile. A slow drive to my home twenty miles away. Street lights kill the essence of the night sky. Stars and meteors fade away. No songs or whispers from my blackberry. I drift away to my special place.

The house on the hill, my abode and sanctuary, welcomes me. Semicircular drive, a dream of my youth, is an easy maneuver. My tired hands agree. My car throttles to a stop. I step out into the cold night. The car engine spews heat of twenty mile drive. Why not? It loves expensive premium gasoline. “Click.” The sound of car door lock. Do I bid you good night? No, you’re just a car.

My fireplace crackles, and my snore bellows. Really? Maybe a whimper. Who cares. It is a snore. Five hours of solitude.

Morning shower cleans my body, but my mouth gets the first cleansing. Red silk tie accentuates a navy blue suit. Ready for a meeting at seven with ‘human sharks’. Red tie? Forget it, a shark knows a guppy in fancy clothes.

My front door opens. A blistering cold wind greets my face. It’s mid November in Northeast Ohio, but winter beckons to me. An early morning dew on my windshield. No quick remedy, except for a good scrape.

Snow on my windshield please, not frozen early morning dew.

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